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Wedding Services

Note: All listed prices are base prices.  Travel fees will apply on purchases where applicable.  Weddings in Hattiesburg & Petal have no travel fees.

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custom quote:

Live Wedding Painter

20X20 Canvas Size

20X24 Canvas Size

24X30 Canvas Size

24X36 Canvas Size 

Triplet - 3 Moments on 9X12 Canvas

Note: Paintings are done in acrylic.  While I try to finish paintings at the wedding, some additional time in studio may be needed to finish details.  Prices don't include travel fees.  Contact me for your custom price.

Guest Portraits

Pricing Starts at $150 
Basic Package

Note: These paintings are done in watercolor.  The Basic Package is for smaller weddings and doesn't include travel fees.  Contact me for your custom price.

Untitled design (30).jpg

Wedding Momentos

Painting of Bridal Bouquet or Cake

Both Bridal Bouquet
& Cake

Wedding Dress Painting

All Three


Note: Packages don't include travel fees.

Live + Momentos


  • 20x24 Canvas Size

  • Bridal Bouquet or Wedding Cake Painting


  • 24x30 Canvas Size

  • Bridal Bouquet or Wedding Cake Painting


  • 24x36 Canvas Size

  • Bridal Bouquet or Wedding Cake Painting


Starting at $1250

  • Live Painting (Size of your Choice) - I will work on this painting during your ceremony but will likely finish it afterward at my studio.

  • Guest Paintings - These will be painted during the reception.  I will have to pause my work on the live wedding painting in the meantime.

  • Bridal Bouquet & Wedding Cake Painting

  • Cake Topper

  • Table Art

  • Custom Monogram - This is a digital product.

  • Custom Bridal T-Shirt

Wedding Cake Topper

Painted Circle Topper
(5 Inch Diameter)

4x6 Painting on a Stick

Table Art

$130 (per half dozen)
Half-Dozen Watercolor Portraits of the Couple  

Send me the photographs of the happy couple, and I will recreate them in my style in watercolor or acrylic.  The frames are 4x6 and available with a gold or silver border.

$200 (per half dozen)
Half-Dozen Acrylic Portraits of the Couple

What is the booking process?

Once you've contacted me, I'll check my availability.  I'll send you a custom price for your wedding.  Once the contract is signed and at least a quarter of your payment is paid, you will officially be booked.  The remainder of the payment is due at least a month before your event.

What do I need?

For a live painting, I'll need a clear sight line to the area I'm painting.  I come with a small table that holds my supplies and an easel.  For the guest painting, I'll need a place for my small table and a couple of chairs.  We'll need to be set up in a place out of the way.

How does the painting work?

I will take a picture of the moment and work from that photo to create the custom masterpiece.


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